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Dr. Kyle Meers

Dr. Kyle Meers, DC

Dr. Meers believes that we all deserve a healthy and fruitful life.  A life full of vitality, energy and passion.  A life free of chronic pain and disease.   That’s why he has spent the last decade of his life dedicated to tackling the root causes of autoimmune disease by using the power of Functional Nutritional Coaching. 

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Uncover your greatest opportunities to maximize your performance and experience more. In your initial discovery call with Dr. Meers,  you’ll discover if and how you can overcome your autoimmune disease to help you transform the way you feel and how you function.

We’ll also take a deep dive into the underlying issues that could potentially rob you of your best and brightest future. We work with people all over the world through our autoimmune reset program, so get the details and get ready to regain control over your health!

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What Our Clients Have to Say

  • In today's world, nothing seems easy.  There are endless variations of fad diets, exercise programs, etc, and it can get frustrating and confusing for the average person who is seeking to improve their health, but cannot get lasting results.  My wife and I were in such a position, after several failed attempts at weight loss. However, approaching our weight loss goals under the supervision of Dr. Meers is one of the best things we have done together. After a personalized workup of our current health, and establishing challenging, yet reasonable goals, the results were shocking. Together, we lost over 50 lbs in three months...we've maintained nearly all of our progress!  We also saw improvements in mental clarity, improved sleep, decreased irritability and mood swings.  If you are serious about approaching your weight loss through positive lifestyle changes, We definitely recommend Dr. Meers
    Mike & Mikova Mike & Mikova
  • If I had to use a three words to describe Dr. Meers and his coaching style they would be: RESULTS, ENCOURAGEMENT, and HOPE. I've known Dr. Meers as a friend and a colleague for 14 years. During those years, I've witnessed his expertise in discovering the cause of inflammation, and eradicating it. He has drastically improved the quality of life of the people he treats. If you are someone who struggles with chronic pain, arthritis, thyroid or adrenal issues, weight gain, then Dr. Meers’ unique functional medicine approach will give you the results you need.
    Dr. Brian Dr. Brian
  • About a year ago I had some blood work done.  The numbers weren't good.  With my family history, I was told I would have no choice but to submit to daily doses of cholesterol medicine.  I hadn't hit 40 years old yet.  This option was not acceptable to me.  I didn't want to start down the road of daily meds at such a young age.  I had already tried many diets and weight loss programs with no success.  Then I enlisted the help of Dr. Meers.  My life has changed for the better because of that decision.  After 6 months under his guidance, I had lost 40 pounds and when I went to get my blood retested, my cholesterol had fallen to acceptable levels and the need to take medication to control it was eliminated.  The ancillary benefits of losing the weight (and keeping it off) are life changing as well.  I am now down over 60 pounds total from where I started.  I would recommend Dr. Meers to anyone.  He has provided me with a wide range of information that has helped me dial in my eating habits and really make life altering improvements in my day to day nutrition.  I couldn't be more pleased with where I am now and look forward to the future and many years of healthy living.
    Vinny S Vinny S